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NEW for 2018

Cordura Hearth Sheets and Floor Runners

Sweepy's quality denim soot cloths with sleeves and denim hearth sheets for chimney sweeps Sweepys floor sheet DSC_0501 Chimney sweep soot cloths and hearth sheets hand made in denim

Tailor-made for you


We make sweep through soot cloths, hearth sheets and floor runners for Chimney Sweeps in denim and water resistant Cordura.


If you are looking for a way to minimise dust and soot to keep your customer's property clean as you sweep - we make a range of products with sleeves and hearth sheets with heavyweight denim or water resistant fabric. They should make sweeping cleaner for you and your customers!


You can buy on-line or call me to place an order.  Sheets are made to order and can be made to your own specification.

Strong denim cloths with sleeves and a choice of denim or Cordura water resistant hearth sheets for chimney sweeping

Soot Sheets and Soot Cloths Product Reviews


Excellent delivery. Was delivered next day. Great quality product. Should give years of service.


Denim and stitchwork of great quality, very helpful and rushed my order through. Have no problem recommending these products to the chimney sweep industry.

Sweepy's 1' x 1' Soot cloth ideal for sweeping flues